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Conditions of Use

This site is owned by MPLA Airguns Inc., a privately-owned legal entity registered under No. A1081514, headquartered in Montana/USA. The purpose of this Term of Use is to regulate the use of the SITE by the user, considering any individual or legal entity that accesses or uses the same, establishing its rights and obligations in the following terms:

  1. This is a NORTH AMERICAN site that sells globally over the internet.
  2. Our market focus is mainly in South America and Brazil, but we also serve other countries, Portuguese (BR), Spanish and English speakers.
  3. This site provides Sporting Goods, related to AIRGUN and AIRSOFT, shipped from different countries to our customers, exclusively aiming at the legalized practice of competitions, legalized hunting and legalized pest-control in their respective countries.
  4. No product of the exclusive use of firearms is sold on this site.
  5. This site complies with the principle of autonomy of the will of the parties. In other words, all operations carried out (purchases) are carried out entirely at the will of the buyer (customer) and the seller (MPLA Airguns) and must respect the limits, regulations, and laws of international trading, besides the restrictions of morality and sovereignty of each State or Country. And it is the purchaser's sole responsibility to observe the laws, regulations, restrictions, and taxes to be collected in the country where they reside.
  6. This site is not responsible for misinterpretation or non-observance of the laws of your country. This is FULLY the responsibility of the customer. In some cases, specific documentation may be required. Please, be attentive to the local regulations.
  7. Some products of this store have restricted shipping and may be REMOVED from any purchase without prior notice. If this happens, the values referring to the products will be reversed, and the customer will be informed about the changes made.
  8. Although some products may have restrictions (allowed use), specific rules such as caliber and power may still apply depending on your country. Please pay attention to the laws of your country before placing your order. Avoid problems for yourself and others.
  9. This site operates mostly through BACKLOG. This means that most products do not have physical stock, and we work with several suppliers to send the requested product in the shortest possible time. The average processing and shipping time for an order can vary from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the product and its availability in the market. Our Team will keep you informed for all the steps taken.
  10. If any request cannot be found in the available suppliers, the customer will be informed of the unavailability. In this case, the customer can choose:
    1. Wait until the product(s) return to stock to be sent;
    2. Receive the full amount paid back;
    3. Change the products for others.
  11. In such cases (out of stock products), there may be the possibility of exchanging products, if it is in the customer's interest. Therefore, the differences (more or less) will be agreed directly with the client.
  12. In addition, the price paid by the customer (exchange) at the time of purchase for the product(s) of the original order will be guaranteed, i.e. in case of exchanging products, only the difference of values will be calculated by the value of the exchange of the day.
  13. ALL PRICES ON THE WEBSITE ARE BASED ON AMERICAN DOLLAR, whose price is referring to the DOLLAR TOURISM - “SALES VALUE”, as informed in the top menu (USD to BRL). This value is updated automatically every hour.
  14. This means that all prices informed in Brazilian Real (BRL), may change throughout the day, depending on the variation of the Dollar Tourism. The valid quotation will be the quotation calculated at the time of purchase.
  15. This site offers two of the major means of payments available in the market: PayPal and PagSeguro (Brazil only). The preferred payment method is PayPal.
  16. BE AWARE:
    1. As this site operates on a BACKLOG model and sends products from several countries to Brazil and other countries in South America, shipping times may be slightly longer, given the processing time required until the order is sent. Especially for Brazil where the “Correios”, the company responsible for the postal services, does not provide a good quality service. The average delivery time foreseen for items in Brazil is 6 to 8 weeks. This term refers to the AVERAGE TIME, not to the maximum.
    2. We emphasize that: WE ARE SERIOUS WITH OUR CUSTOMERS, CORRECT WITH OUR SALES, AND RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR SHIPMENTS, however, we cannot guarantee that all purchases will be delivered. Eventually, a package sent may be stolen or given as lost. In these cases, we cannot be held responsible and the loss will be solely on the customer. 
    3. However, as a form of compensation, after 4 months from the date of shipment, if the package has not yet arrived, we please, ask the customer to contact us, providing his login, the purchase info and the tracking code provided. The store will run an investigation to try to locate the order and in case the loss is confirmed, the customer will receive a 15% discount coupon (not cumulative), valid for a new purchase made within 30 days. We remind you that this is a Company's policy and may be reviewed at any time.
    4. AT NO CIRCUMSTANCES THIS STORE WILL TOLERATE DISPUTES OR THE REQUEST OF CHARGEBACKS ON PAYPAL OR PAGSEGURO. Please DO NOT request a refund of your orders. Requests for cancellations of your orders may result in your disqualification as a customer, in addition to possible blocking for future purchases.
  17. If you have any questions about the operation of the site, about the products, about the values and calculations, or our policies, please contact us by email: INFO@MPLA-AIRGUNS.COM - We will be happy to speak to you and clarify any point.


MPLA Airguns Team.