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Edgun Complete o-ring replacement kit

A full set of all o-rings for your Edgun Leshiy /R3/R3M/R5/R5M

Edgun Leshiy Pellet Dispenser Set

Pellet Dispenser Set. Made of high grade aluminium, sandblasted and black anodized. Assembling set for Edgun Leshiy included. Logo and caliber engraved. Mounting set included.

Edgun Quick Connect Fill Probe

Edgun Quick Connect Fill Probe with foster male connection made of Stainless Steel

Wika Mini Pressure Gauge for Edgun 28 mm

Original high quality Wika mini pressure gauge for the Edgun Leshiy, Edgun Matador R3, R3M, R5 and R5M. 28 mm in diameter, 315 bar scale.

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