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Graxa Branca Silverhook

Water repellant - ideal for marine applications

Zinc Oxide anti-corrosion additive

Operating temperature: -35°C to +150°C

Graxa de Cerâmica Silverhook

Very High Temperature Applications

Operating temperature: -20°C to +1500°C

Graxa de Litio Silverhook

Multi-purpose protection from corrosion and wear

Operating temperature: -15°C to +135°C

Graxa de Molibdenio Silverhook

2.9 - 3.1% MOLYBDENUM DISULPHIDE content

Long lasting friction reducer & lubricant

Operating temperature: -20°C to +135°C

Graxa de Silicone Silverhook

General Lubricant - Water Proof

Operating temperature: -30°C to +180°C

KIT de limpeza SPIKA Compact .177 Cal & .22 Cal

One kit services 2 calibres (.177 cal & .22 cal)

The hunting gun cleaning kit is compact and small,has smooth ball baring aluminium handle , bronze rod

Including 2 bronze brush,2 cotton mop,1 utility brush,1 box of patches,1 muzzle guard,2 brass jag,1 adapter,1 box of woollen felt

Attention: the cleaning kit without gun oil

100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: at SPIKA it's all about helping you GET OUTSIDE, Each one of the products comes with a 1-year warranty ,If you have any issue with the cleaning kit, do not hesitate to contact us - your satisfaction is paramount!

KIT de Limpeza Breakthrough Clean Technologies .177 & .22 Cal

4 Brass Rods, 1 Handle, 2 Bore Brushes, 2 Cotton Mops, 1 Muzzle Guard, 1 Brass Patch Holder

2 Brass Jags, 1 Double End Brush, 1 Box of Patches, 1 Box of Woolen Felts, 1 Adapter

1 15ml Bottle of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent, 1 12ml Bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil

KIT de Limpeza Umarex .177 & .22 Cal

Durable cleaning tools help to keep your gun in excellent condition

Suitable for .177 and .22 Cal Air Rifles and Air Pistols

A great gift for novice and experienced gun owners

Set includes 1 x 33 flexible cleaning rod, 2 x nylon brushes, 2 x cleaning mops

1 x flexible rod retaining equipment, 2 in 1 handle and screwdriver, 6 bit driver set, and .22 thread adapter

Kleen Br Spr Patch 250Pk 3"

For use with these calibers: Shotguns: 12 Gauge, 16 Gauge

Premium quality 100% cotton flannel provides maximum absorbency and bore protection

Precision-cut to ensure the proper fit and maximum cleaning performance when used in conjunction with our cleaning jags or patch holders

These same quality 100% cotton patches are available bulk-packaged for high volume users such as competition shooters, gun clubs, law enforcement agencies and gunsmiths

3" square

FX Airguns Cronografo Wireless

Disponibilidade limitada.

Prazo de entrega pode ser extendido, se necessário.

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