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Thank you for your purchase and preference. Shipping is a very important factor for our team because that is how we will make our products reach you. That is why we have adopted the best, fastest, and safest shipping methods. Aiming mainly at efficiency and speed of delivery.

Unfortunately, however efficient logistics companies may be, we have serious shortcomings in Brazil (Post Office) and other countries. Therefore, we ask that you be patient with the deliveries since after sending the product, we do not have more control in the mail flow and eventually, delays may occur.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:



The vast majority of products on the site have single shipping. This means that no matter how many products you buy, you will only pay one freight.

There are specific products that, because they have differentiated shipping, must have an additional value added to the single shipping value. So for example, if you buy 10 single shipping products, but one of them has an additional $ 5, that value will be acidified to the total freight amount.

In addition, certain categories may have exclusive freight. This means that the freight of these products is independent of the rest and will be per unit since they will be sent in a differentiated and unitary way. For example, if you buy a Compressor, the freight will be independent and unitary, ie, a value will be charged for that item and it can not be shipped with other products.

Certain products may have free shipping, depending on the category, or selected quantity or store promotions. Whenever any category or products are with free shipping, they will be announced on the website.




- Single Shipping: US$30.00 (except in case of promotions) - charged once, regardless of the number of products in the cart.

- Additional Freight: US$5.00 to US$30.00 (except for promotions) - for products with shipping in 2 shipments or larger volumes.

- Free shipping:

   - Scopes: Please contact for additional info.

   - Airguns: Please contact for additional info.

   - Valid for PALLETS of all categories, for orders of multiple of 6 UNITS (6, 12, 18, etc ...)

   - Valid for promotion categories or store campaigns.



MPLA Airguns understands the urgency of receiving the products purchased. Therefore, all purchases are processed as fast as possible by the team and will be dispatched as soon as payment is confirmed and products are available. As informed in the Terms of Use of the Site, we work with the Backlog modality, that is, we request your product after your purchase is made. This makes the process a bit slower, however, lowering our costs, so we can keep our prices competitive.

We work with the following average delivery times:

- International Shipping: 8 to 12 weeks (average terms)

- National Shipments: 1 to 3 weeks (average terms)

Depending on availability, multiple shipments of the same order may occur to increase delivery speed. In these cases, there will be no additional costs for the customer and the customer will be informed which products are being shipped in each shipment.

All process steps up to submission will be updated in the order and can be accessed at any time by the customer in your online account on the site.



Freight will be calculated at the end of the order, at checkout time. If you do not understand or are not sure if the calculation is correct, please contact us before closing your purchase.



As informed, some product categories are strategic for our company and we understand that they are of the utmost importance for our customers. For these products and categories, MPLA Airguns offers GUARANTEE OF DELIVERY to customers. This is our commitment so that our customers feel confident that products of these categories will be delivered to the address informed in the register and in the shortest time possible.

Other products, accessories, leads, books, and other equipment are subject to the standard deliveries of delivery services from each country (in Brazil, the Post Office, and other carriers). These products have no guarantee of delivery, as they are shipped expressly and with traceability, but occasionally they can be lost or stolen inside the mail flow. If you do not receive your products within 3 months, please contact us and we will try to locate the product, but we will not be responsible for the reimbursement of the values. In these cases, when the order is lost, we will give a voucher (discount coupon) of 15% for the next purchase.


 We thank our customers for their trust and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.



MPLA Airguns' Team